Welcome to 4A

Hello, and welcome to 4AActionAgainstAnimalAbuse.com, the official website for the network of around 70 4A groups and pages that you will find on Facebook.

We help to bring awareness of and petition against hundreds of different animal abuse cases worldwide, and our eight cross-posting groups enable cross-posters to publicize hundreds of animals in need of rescue and/or safe forever re-homing. We have separate groups for disabled and senior animals. We have discussion groups, chat room style groups, a group for lovers of animal photos, a humor group, and also a group for music lovers too.

4A is a ‘Family of Friends’ and we believe in equality and diversity. We have a zero tolerance policy towards racists and racism, other forms of discrimination, scammers, spammers, serial and/or deliberate miss-posters, trolls and other troublemakers. We love animals and we hate animal abusers. Our groups are for animal lovers only.

To continue to operate these groups with an ever growing membership we try and be careful who we accept into our groups, and who we are trying to keep out. Our group admins are strict, but fair.

The current 4A Policy can be viewed on this website by clicking the applicable link on the above menu bar.

Below you will find an invitation link which you can send to any of your animal loving friends, which will lead them to our ‘Invitation to join the 4A groups’ page here, with picture links to all of our groups and pages on Facebook.


Our main group can be found at www.facebook.com/groups/4A.org.

Let’s all do the best that we can for our fellow creatures. – Let’s Save Some Lives. – 4A Admin.

(Last update : 15 January 2015)