4A Policy

Updated 15 January 2015

4A (Action Against Animal Abuse) is one of the largest animal rights and animal welfare network of groups on Facebook dedicated to bringing awareness of and petitioning against hundreds of abuse issues worldwide. Our eight cross-posting groups list hundreds of dogs, cats and other animals in usually urgent need of rescue and safe forever re-homing.

4A is one big ‘Family of Friends‘ and our focus is on saving lives. We also care about vulnerable humans too, and our planet.

Our 70 combined groups and pages are managed by a handful of dedicated admins, who do this time consuming work because of their love for animals. To manage such a large amount of groups we have to have some fairly strict policies to enable our groups to run smoothly and fairly. These policies are outlined below:




This applies even if you are attempting to bring awareness of bestiality or crush video issues.

If you upload images deemed to be illegal or otherwise offensive, including graphic images that Facebook do not allow, you are seriously jeopardizing the future of the 4A groups and your posts will be removed as soon as seen and you will be permanently removed from all 4A groups immediately and without warning.


We do NOT allow any racist remarks that seek to discriminate against any country or their people, or calls for whole nation boycotts of any country.  Neither do we allow remarks against any religion or faith, or lack of religion or faith. Our groups are open to people of all countries, faiths, religions, or other beliefs.


We do NOT allow any remarks seeking to discriminate against anyone’s appearance, gender, sexuality, color, beliefs (see above) or any other form of hate speech.


If a member spams our groups with irrelevant promotion of any business, religion, items for sale or even unrelated animal rights/welfare content they will be removed and blocked without warning and in most cases blacklisted from ALL 4A groups. The 4A admins have a communications group in which we notify each other of any troublemakers, such as racists, spammers, scammers and trolls etc. Members may advertise animal related items for sale in our Classified Ads group if the proceeds are going towards helping animals in need, or vulnerable innocent humans in need etc.

Some people have tried to use our groups to promote their personal religious beliefs or to force those on others. Whilst our groups are open to members of any religion or no religion our groups are not the place to promote your personal religious or non-religious beliefs, and any person’s beliefs may be completely different from those of someone else in the group. We therefore have decided to remove any posts which appear to be mainly based on promoting religious or non-religious content.


We have noticed an increase in the number of members who post the same content in many of our groups that is not specifically related to the group it was posted in, with backlinks to that members own website, Facebook group or page, or blog. We do not allow this, with the exception of in our 4A – Group & Page Links group, and at the discretion of the 4A Admin team.

The only exception to this are postings from members that our admin team deem to be regularly active in our groups and if the content posted is specifically related to the group it is posted in, and is not posted in any other unrelated groups.

For example, if a regular member in our groups posts applicable content in our Vegan Help & Advice group, with a backlink to his/her website or blog, and that website or blog is focused on a Vegan lifestyle, we would allow this. In addition, as the post is in the interests of animals, it would be allowed in 4A – Group & Page Links.

If we suspect that a member is trying to ‘game the system’, i.e. to use our groups for their own personal advantage, we will probably remove them from all of our groups.  One example of this is if you have incorporated your occupation, non-animal related cause, or religious (or other) beliefs etc. into your Facebook name and/or profile picture and you try and use our groups to leverage business from other members. If you want to advertise your business, it can be done by putting the details in the ‘occupation’ part of your timeline, but to have it as part of your Facebook name and/or profile picture and then try and obtain business from other members of our group is not allowed by us.

VOTES (asking 4A members to vote for you, your pet, etc.) – ZERO TOLERANCE

Please do not attempt to use our groups to ask our members to vote for you and/or your pet, and/or any friend and/or their pet, etc., in competitions. That is not what our groups are for. However, we may make rare exceptions to this policy if you are deemed to be a regular member of our groups, and it is highly relevant to the group you are requesting in, but you need to obtain a message from (one of) that group’s Chief Admin(s) giving their approval first.


Please DO NOT use our groups to post unrelated/spam content asking for people to re-post it onto 10 (or whatever number) of their friends timelines. This is different from asking people to share your post with their friends, which is permitted providing it is totally relevant to the group that it is posted in. We will remove and block any member who we feel is trying to use our groups to pass on the online equivalent of a chain letter.


Please do not use the 4A groups to accuse other members or people on or outside Facebook of anything without absolute proof. We are only interested in facts, not opinions, in matters like this. Known animal abusers, such as specific and commonly known abusers, trophy hunters and fur wearers etc. are an exception. Moderate explicit language is usually permitted. However, if you have to use it, please have respect for our other members. Not everyone likes to have to read offensive words every hour of the day.


Admins are able to ‘see’ group members who have blocked them, and they have the right to remove that member immediately from that group, and any other 4A groups that they are an admin for. Members who block admins usually do so because they have something to hide. If an admin adds you to a group that you don’t want to be in, just leave the group and unfriend the admin, and they then cannot add you to any more groups. Please do not block them if you wish to remain a member of any group that they are an admin in.


We believe that dog and/or cat breeders, and in fact any animal for which there is an over-population problem, are partly responsible for shelters and rescues being full of healthy so-called ‘unwanted’ animals. Whatever a breeder says, if he or she is gaining financially in any way from a transaction, they are making money and increasing the homeless animal problem ‘down the line’ . Please don’t buy and let a shelter animal die. Shelters and rescues are full of loving dogs and cats and they may not be your first choice of color or breed but please don’t let that deter you from offering them a safe forever home.

If you see a breeder offering animals in the 4A groups please notify any of the 4A Chief Admins by personal message in order that we can quickly remove them. Typically, the signs that someone is a breeder will be posts where they are advertising puppies or kittens (i.e. more than one) ‘for adoption’ alongside words such as ‘ready now’ or ‘ready soon’ etc., and there are several posts on their wall/timeline advertising these animals, with a request to ‘inbox me for further details’ or displaying a phone number asking you to contact them. There are many breeders of ‘toy’ dogs, ‘teacup’ sized dogs etc. etc. as well as the larger breeds, usually at extortionate prices. These breeders want your money – it’s big business to them. Don’t be fooled by their sales talk.


We do NOT allow requests for donations in our groups EXCEPT we may allow occasional requests for donations towards a specific animal’s veterinary fees in the relevant group. This policy will be amended as necessary, but the current policy will be always shown on this page.


Please be careful not to submit the same post twice. We will usually remove the post with the least comments on it. Members who frequently post in duplicate may have to be removed from the group(s). We no longer have the time to warn people individually.


Members who are deemed to be active in the 4A groups may be given friendly advice by our admins for accidental miss-posting. Members who are not usually active and blatantly miss-post may and usually will be removed from the groups and prevented from returning to them by being blocked and possibly blacklisted. Unbelievably there are serial miss-posters out there who think it is funny to post completely irrelevant items in our groups, whether animal related or not.



If creating a petition to be posted in the 4A Causes and Petitions group or a particularly relevant 4A group please make sure that the ‘target‘ of the petition is specific and accurate.

If sharing a cause or petition there are a very small number of individuals/organizations that we do not permit shared petitions from, into our groups. Our regular petition sharers may be familiar with who these are, but if you are unsure and wish to share petitions regularly into our groups please ask one of the group admins. Please do not post more than two petitions per day into any 4A group other than 4A Causes and Petitions. Thank you.


Facebook gives everyone a choice – who to be friends with, which groups to be in etc…

The 4A Chief Admins are committed to increasing membership of our groups, to bring awareness of endless cases of abuse against animals, vulnerable innocent people, and our planet. A large membership is necessary to maximize that awareness, particularly when petitions need to be signed, causes need to be supported, and animals need to be networked in often desperate last minute bids to find them new safe homes.

Our admins work tirelessly, like many of our group members, in an endeavor to help the vulnerable, the voiceless, and the defenseless. We, like you, do it for the love of animals, or our innocent fellow human beings, and/or our environment, both at home. and overseas. A very few people have asked us why we do not ask them for their permission before adding them to our groups. We simply do not have time to contact our thousands of members first.

Our groups are for animal lovers only. If you are on the friends list of many of the 4A Chief Admins you are on that list possibly only because you have given us the impression that you are an animal lover and/or an animal rights activist or advocate. Our definition of ‘animal lover’ is that you are interested in the rights and/or welfare of most or all species of animals, not just dogs and/or cats etc. As an animal lover we thought that you may be interested in  being a member of certain groups. We do not have time to keep lists of those ‘animal lovers’ with specific preferences. For example, if your definition of being an animal lover is that you only love dogs or specific breeds of dogs only, then your definition is vastly different to ours and the 4A groups are probably not suitable for you, and with respect, you are probably not suitable to be a member of our groups.

When you are first added to a group Facebook now give you an immediate choice to stay in it, or to leave it. If you are in an existing group and don’t want to be in it for whatever reason, you can access the ‘leave group’ option from the cogwheel symbol towards the top right of the page, under the group banner.

Finally – if you do not wish to be added to any more groups it is simply easiest to unfriend and/or block the person that is adding you. We only want people in our groups who want to be in them, and hopefully play an active part.

To the vast majority of our members, about 99.5%, who are happy to join us – a BIG thank you !! – The 4A Admin Team.


All posts and comments should be made in American English or UK English please. We reserve the right to remove any posts, and possibly comments, that are in any other language.


Our groups are open to ALL animal lovers, whether you are a meat eater, a vegetarian or vegan.

It is hoped that by reading some of the horror stories in such groups as 4A – Worldwide Abattoir Watch and 4A – Against Factory Farming that meat eaters will seriously consider reducing their consumption of meat and/or dairy products with the aim of becoming vegetarian eventually or better still, vegan. We hope our groups may encourage vegetarians to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Any reduction in meat and dairy consumption, and a change to wearing clothes that are not made from animal by-products, and/or using products not tested on animals etc. etc. is a positive step.

Please do not make people uncomfortable by asking them whether they are vegetarian or vegan. Many people are working towards a morally and ethically better lifestyle, but have grown up in meat eating families and need time to make the change. Our 4A Vegan Help & Advice group is there to assist members with any queries that they have.


The decision of the 4A admins is final. We do not have the time to argue with members or former members that wish to engage in lengthy discussion regarding any of the above. None of our admins are paid for the work they do in our groups and like most of our members we also have other jobs in order that we can pay our bills like everyone needs to. Our admins are strict, but fair, and with a zero tolerance of BS. I’m sure you know what I mean. We no longer operate a ’2nd chance’ policy. If you are excluded from our groups it is usually permanent.

Legally we have to say that the opinions made by members in our groups are not necessarily endorsed or supported by the 4A admins, and we also have to say (again, for legal reasons) that our groups are ‘for entertainment purposes only’ – but our message is clear. We hate animal abuse and exploitation – abuse, exploitation and discrimination of any human deemed to be vulnerable and innocent – and the abuse and exploitation of our planet. We hope you feel the same way. Let’s save some lives.  – 4A Admin.